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Smart Storage Solutions Congres from NiteFlix Media on Vimeo.

Solar Solutions Int. 2017

Solar Solutions Int. has developed into the largest commercial platform for solar energy in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. In 2016 4824 professionals visited Solar Solutions International, an increase of 25%.

Solar Solutions Int. facilitates and creates sales and trade opportunities at the end of the solar supply chain. Our visitor target groups are installing companies, building companies, the energy industry, architects, housing corporations, project developers and (semi) governmental organizations. Solar Solutions Int. targets decision makers. In 2016 we will expand our portfolio to storage systems, home automation, smart energy solutions and micro grids.

Premium Sponsors of Solar Solutions 2015:

(Nederlands) Sunday in het teken van het versnellen van innovatie:
(Nederlands) Vacature Esdec: Sales Manager Benelux
(Nederlands) Soladin Web omvormers van Mastervolt behalen de kWh norm
(Nederlands) Solarwatt kiest Van der Valk Solar Systems onderconstructies voor haar solarpakketten
The World’s Largest Solar Plant launched

The World’s Largest Solar Plant launched

The World’s Largest Solar Plant launched. The largest solar power plant in the world, Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, turns water into steam in order to produce energy turbines which produce electricity. The tower with 300,000 computer-controlled mirrors, all at 7ft…

Start Stichting Garantiefonds ZonZeker
Portugal 4 days on 100% green power
CBS: ‘In 2015 437 megawatt zonnepanelen geïnstalleerd, geïnstalleerd vermogen 1.485 megawatt’
Germany produced 87% of renewable energy

Germany produced 87% of renewable energy

Electricity bills are often ludicrously high thanks to our energy-intensive modern world, but every now and then, thanks to the forces of nature, a metaphorical miracle takes place. As reported by Quartz, Germany just experienced such a phenomenon when a…

Solarworld AG wins the Solar Solutions Innovation Award
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