Recap Day 1 – Solar Solutions & Green Heating 2018

This morning, Green Heating 2018 was opened by Alderman John Nederstigt. John Nederstigt is Alderman for Sustainable Energy in the municipality Haarlemmermeer. During the opening debate, Rolf Heynen (director of research institute Good! and Green Heating) asked the panel of experts to their vision on the sustainablility in the heat market. The panel of experts were: Olof van der Gaaf, director of NVDE, Doekle Terpstra, chairman of Uneto-VNI, Wim Mans, board member of Warmtenetwerk, Frank Schoof, chairman of Platform Geothermie and Jaap de Knegt of DHPA.

Innovations Solar Solutions and Green Heating 2018

Solar Solutions – At the Innovation Pavilion of Solar Solutions you find the latest solar energy innovations by TU Delft, ECN, SEAC, Solliance and TNO. Examples of innovations are solar panels in the pavement, solar panels in different colours and design, a crash barrier or facade and solar cell roof tiles for new construction and renovation. For the development of higher eduction and knowledge in solar energy companies TU Delft offers online Micro Master Programs in Solar Energy Engineering.

Green Heating – The latest, just launched products in the field of sustainable heating, ventilation and cooling can be found at the Innovation Boulevard of Green Heating. Examples of innovations are a heatpump by Weishaupt via Monarch and the Nano infrared heat panels by Degreen.

Seminars Solar Solutions and Green Heating 2018

During the TNO seminar, Sanne van Leeuwen explained which Dutch Solar Energy innovations are under development. Examples of these innovations are the Solaroad, the sustainable bicycle path with solar panels, solar electricity in the road surface, a weather-resistant road surface with solar panels and a guide rail with thin film solar cells. TNO also develops in cooperation with the government, companies and housing corporations heat facades with PV in different colours and design. The heat facades are suitable for new buildings and for renovation of existing buildings.

ISDE+ Subsidiaries
The Investment Subsidy for Sustainable Energy (ISDE) of the Central Government provides an allowance to Dutch households and businesses. A household or a business receives an allowance with the purchase of solar boilers, heat pumps, biomass biolers and pellet stoves. In 2018 an amount of 100 million euros is available for ISDE subsidiaries.

Tomorrow’s Agenda
Do not miss the second day and come tomorrow (22 March 2018) to Solar Solutions and Green Heating in the Expo Haarlemmermeer. At the second day, you can visit the latest innovations of 220 exhibitors from 25+ countries at 20.000 sqm. The agenda also includes promorising seminars and SDE+ master classes. An example of the seminar is ECN Solar Energy. Tommorow will be the presentation of the Innovation Awards for the most innovative companies at the exhibition.

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