Solar Solutions Int. visit InterSolar

Solar Solutions’ sales and organization team, consisting of Henriëtte Vrisekoop, Sanne Kempe and Klaas Hessel van Schepen, visited Intersolar in Munich on 20-21 June. We asked Henriëtte and Sanne to describe their experiences about the exhibition.

How did you experience the exhibition?

Henriette: “I have experienced Intersolar as a well-attended and organized exhibition. In my opinion it was busier than two years ago, when I was there for the last time.”
Sanne: “Overall the exhibition was busy and had an international character with high quality visitors. Clearly, business was done at the stands.”

What did you notice?

Henriette: “I heard form participants that the entire European market is going well. Especially France and Spain were mentioned. This year, we saw a lot of international visitors. The exhibitors told us that there were many Dutch people this year, more than usual. This is of course logical: the Dutch market is Booming!
The tours were a good addition to the exhibition. These tours were given in groups, in addition to the tours, interviews were conducted in various stands.”
Sanne: “What I, and many exhibitors with me, clearly noticed is that more and more Dutch people visit InterSolar. In addition, more and more Dutch-speaking staff are on the stands. This is a promising development for the future of Solar Solutions Int.”

What was the most beautiful stand at Intersolar?

Henriette: “The stand of Qcells was a real eye-catcher. In the middle of the stand Qcells had a beautiful presentation room with a varied lecture program. They also had a beautiful product presentation. ”
Sanne: “The stands which were obviously the busiest and most noticed were: SMA, Fronius, SolarEdge and Krannich. Their stand design was accessible, innovative, spacious and attracted the attention of the visitors. A very good example was SolarEdge; you could collect a voucher at the stand, which you could exchange for an ice cream outside. Super original! These stands clearly had the most visitors. Another proof of how much influence a well thought-out stand can have.”

How did you feel about the ambiance?

Henriette: “The ambiance was good at the exhibition, there were good discussions and business was done. There was a lot of energy.”
Sanne: “The exhibition radiated professionalism, because of the many international visitors. The diverse public did business in a friendly way. The exhibitors we spoke were friendly and very enthusiastic about Solar Solutions Int. and the Dutch market in general.”

How do you look back on two days of Intersolar?

Henriette: “Good conversations with new and existing customers. Wednesday night we ate delicious HotPot with our main sponsor Hanover Solar. We left satisfied with a well-filled bag with more than 10 new participants and 1 sponsor.”
Sanne: “We have met many potential exhibitors and sponsors. In addition, it also gave us a fresh look into the organization of an event, which we can use in the next edition of Solar Solutions.”

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