Recap Day 2 – Solar Solutions – Green Heating 2018

Day two started with a CEO breakfast and a presentation of the Innovation Award for Solar Solutions and Green Heating 2018.

Innovation award Solar Solutions and Green Heating 2018

The first Innovation award of Green Heating 2018 was won by HR Solar with the NERO. The Nero is the first solar panel for heat in the world with exactly the same dimensions as a PV panel in surface and thickness. HR Solar won the award, because it is a Dutch innovation with the latest technology and aesthetics. The jury of the innovation award consisted of Paul Smorenberg of UNETO-VNI, Wim Mans of Warmtenetwerk and Jaap de Knegt of DHPA. Before the presentation, the jury appointed two honorable mentions: Coolmark with the Q-ton, a carbon dioxide heat pump and Fortes Energy with the AquaHeat Stations, heat units for houses with a central heat distribution network.

Enphase Energy won with the innovative micro inverter IQ7 the innovation award of Solar Solutions 2018. The micro inverter is a smaller, cheaper, efficient and sustainable product. The jury expects that it makes an important contribution with the quality of solar power systems in the Netherlands. The jury of the innovation award consisted of Sanne van Leeuwen of TNO, Edwin van Gastel of Solar Magazine and Wijnand van Hooff of TKI Urban Energy.

Best presentation award Solar Solutions and Green Heating 2018

During the exhibitor reception on 21 March, the best stand presentation award of Solar Solutions and Green Heating have been presented. The jury mentioned that small companies really excelled this year. They had beautiful and accessible stands, a very good presentation of their work and enthusiastic teams. The best presentation award of Solar Solutions 2018 has been awarded to Technea Duurzaam. The best presentation award of Green Heating 2018 is won by ZON. The jury consisted of Miranda van Leeuw of Sterkin, Klaas Ursum of Architect Buro Ursem and Wido van Heemstra of RVO.

Seminars Solar Solutions and Green Heating 2018

During the seminar of ECN Solar Energy, Prof. dr. Wim Sinke shared his vision on the development in the solar energy. At the moment, 2,5% of the electricity in the Netherlands comes from solar panels. This is more or less equal to the global average. According to the Paris Climate Agreement, the Netherlands and the entire world needs to counteract the emission of greenhouse gases and reduce the temperature rise. Secondly, to reduce the dependency we should make the switch to sustainable energy and solar power. Finally, sustainable energy is good for the economy and employment.

The growth of solar power has been structurally underestimated. In 2021 we expect 1TWp (Solar Power Europe). The conditions of large scale are: low costs, new markets and integration in the energy system and the living environment. The new innovative technologies in the field of solar energy can make the solar panels more beautiful and versatile. Examples include solar panels from Dutch Solar Design, ZEP, Solarpark de Kwekerij and Solaroad by TNO.

SDE+ subsidies for solar projects
With the Stimulation Sustainable Energy Production (SDE +) subsidies, the national government stimulates the development in sustainable energy in the Netherlands. The possible SDE + subsidies for solar power can be applied twice a year. In total, an amount of six billion euros was made available twice by the government. The SDE subsidy is an operating fee per generated kWh for 15 years. Other government incentive schemes are for example: when the post-coder arrangement collectively start solar project for small users and consumers (in 2020 a new scheme will be put in place) and the energy investment deduction, a tax advantage for entrepreneurs. There are also innovation subsidies for top sector energy, for example DEI, HE and UE (TSE).

Proud of the sector!

The second day of Solar Solutions and Green Heating is over and we look back on two very successful days. With a record number of visitors, the expectations of the organization and exhibitors have been exceeded. Just as important as the quantity is the quality of the visitors. Again this year we attracted an excellent audience of decision makers from various sectors.

We received positive reviews of the Green Heating exhibitors during the first day. It is clear that the sector is completely ready to have its own platform. With this year’s positive experiences in hand, we will quickly inform you about our plans for 2019. We wish you a very successful follow-up to all contacts, leads and conversations you have had at Solar Solutions and Green Heating.

On behalf of the entire organization Good!







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