APsystems unveils the YC600, the world’s most innovative solar microinverter system

With an estimated 600.000 homes that are now equipped with solar panels, solar energy has dramatically grown in popularity over the past 5 years in the Netherlands. The residential solar segment has shown great overall dynamism and advanced solar technology can now address complex multi-residential environments to best serve the interests of tenants, housing owners or corporations.
APsystems’ microinverters fuel MW-scale social housing projects across Europe and help project owners to reduce their energy costs. This is particularly true in the Netherlands with social housing corporations, which are developing ambitious project schemes and have adopted the latest microinverter technologies.

The YC600 is likely to become a game-changer for such multi-residential projects. Supporting the highest peak output power, faster transmission speed and a wider MPPT voltage range, the dual YC600 microinverter offers greater energy harvest. Dutch households can now benefit from the most advanced solar microinverter technology connecting 2 modules up to 365 Wp each and offering a 3 X faster communications transmission with an integrated 2.4Ghz Zigbee antenna that can cover very large distances. The ZigBee network works very robustly making it possible to bridge large distances such as an entire street. Communication is made via short distance RF with one or more inverters, which then make contact with the following one and so on…If 1 unit no longer participates due to unforeseen circumstances, the network automatically takes another unit as a diverting point.

For example, the ZigBee communication provides the opportunity for a social housing project to have multi-level monitoring views, combining per panel visualization of the solar production for the housing association with the ability for each house or apartment to supervise only its own production.
Also unique to the industry, the dual YC600 includes Reactive Power Control (RPC) enabling interactivity with the grid and power factor adjustments depending on the grid operator’s demand. This functionality is already required in California, US and Germany and Austria and is expected to become compulsory in most European countries.

Come and meet the APsystems team at stand D11 at the Solarsolutions show and discover the most innovative microinverter range in the industry

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