Not using ballast, but being able to mount solar panels, collectors and heat pumps storm proof.

Who is / organization
We are a Danish manufacturer and produce ballast free mounting materials for installing solar panels, solar collectors and heat pumps. You are therefore receiving a guarantee on a storm proof installation because the mounting material (roof consoles) is being fixed to a roof construction. The roof stays 100% waterproof because we foresee the consoles of the same roofing, in our factory, as on your project.

What is your future vision / wat motivates you
Ballast free mounting systems are experiencing a great growth. The amount of renewable installations on roofs is growing rapidly. Besides the risk of ballast is being underestimated many times, not to mention ballast at light roof constructions, deviant roof shapes or great heights.
Luckily our system is frequently used and this way storm damage and leakage are being prevented. In our optics when installing renewable installations on roofs there should be more respect for the conservation of the functionalities of roofs as drainage and isolation.

What for role does Solar Solutions play in this part
We use Solar Solutions already three years in order to go in to discussion with our relations and visitors. What problems do they experience in the current market, what is their user experience with our system and what are their needs. Solar Solutions is all about gaining knowledge, sharing, creating awareness and to strengthen our relationships.

What can the visitors expect from you on the trade fair
This year we will show on a large video wall how our installation of Jual Solar mounting systems works and for which type of projects Jual Solar is mostly being used for. Besides you will discover our solutions to install solar collectors and a heat pump unit storm proof on the roof.
Questions about the possibilities of our products? Come by our stand C11! Our specialists are ready to help you and the coffee is brewing..

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