Are you prepared for the solar future?

Now you are doing well, very well. Also, you might be busy. Very busy. But are you prepared for the solar future?

Overloaded grids, no capacity on the power network anymore available by solar parks, fossil giants buying in the solar sector, lower support due to rising costs for the citizen. What instruments and strategies can we use to secure the future of solar energy? You will receive the answers from (inter)national experts on the Solar Business Day on 30 January.

Dr. Varun Sivaram discusses the obstacles that threaten the further growth of the application of solar energy, and comes up with solar solutions in areas such as R & D, financial innovation and system integration. A story that you can not miss as a solar professional.

Marc van der Linden, CEO Stedin and chairman ‘Netbeheer Nederland’ gives his vision on the climate agreement, infrastructure and solar energy. And Prof. dr. Dr. Arno Smets will discuss the technological developments. Other topics that will be discussed are: bankability, subsidy-free solar parks, solar and agriculture, residential storage, the figures of 2018, a political analysis and marketing insights by Chief Evangelist of Tony Chocolonely Ynzo van Zanten.

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