Let boats fly on solar energy!

Let boats fly on solar energy!
It’s simple: driving cars, sailing boats and flying planes! We all know that since we were in elementary school. Solar Boat Twente, a non-profit organization consisting of 14 students from the University of Twente, will break this dogma and build a flying boat. And most importantly, she will do this based on solar power alone. The maritime sector is one of the most polluting transport sectors; the 16 largest ships emit just as much sulfur as all cars together. Solar Boat Twente hopes to take the first steps towards a sustainable maritime sector. By using flexible, waterproof and efficient solar modules, the Solar Boat generates enough energy to sail continuously at a speed of about 16 knots (30 km / h). Solar Boat Twente wil participate in an international competition in Monaco where she hopes to reach a podium position. By participating in this competition, Solar Boat Twente brings the possibilities of solar energy to the attention of the maritime sector. The foundation intends to join the Offshore class within 5 years: a seaworthy boat has to be built, that can sail from Monaco to Ventimiglia and back. This transition is the first step towards making the maritime sector more sustainable. When a solar boat is able to sail over the open sea, the step to the maritime sector is small. In no time – Solar Boat Twente believes – the Bay of Monaco will be filled with solar boats.

But the first step to this Utopia is to increase the awareness of solar boats, for which initiatives such as Solar Solutions are essential. Every major change starts with innovation, something new, but what does it take for an innovation to bring social change? The answer: awareness and fame among ordinary people, who are the pillar of society. By participating at Solar Solutions, Solar Boat Twente will show how it envisages what the future of shipping will look like.

At the booth of Solar Boat Twente you – as a visitor – will get acquainted with the parts of the boat of the future. Not only will you see which solar cells make it possible to reach a maximum speed of 50 km / h, you will also see the parts that make a boat fly. Let yourself be amazed by the boat of the future, by a solar boat, by a flying boat!

Visit Solar Vision Twente at Solar Solutions at booth W13.

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