Download the National Solar Trend report free of charge

Today we have presented the results of the National Solar Trend report 2019 during the Solar Business Day. Read in the below newsletter of the surprising outcomes and download the rapport free of charge from our website.

Solar Business Day has been set in motion!

More than one hundred and seventy professionals from the solar sector were present on the Solar Business Day. It is the National business congress about solar energy and traditionally the start of the new solar season.

Drs. ing. Rolf Heynen, director of Good! and Dutch New Energy Research presented the outcomes of the National Solar Trend rapport. Here are some highlights:
– 2018 was a record year in respect to growth of solar energy. A total of 1.330 MWp has been installed, a big increase from the last record year 2017 (853 MWp).
– The costs of solar panels have decreased even further the last twelve months.
– The total requests for SDE+ subsidies during fall is extremely high.
– The amount of installed storage systems is limited, but this will change coming year.

These are only a few of the many research results from the Solar Trend report. Want to know more and know the details? Download the report free of charge.

Mapping the largest future market

The national Solar Trend report is a research of Dutch New Energy Research. In the disruptive, fast developing solar energy market correct and reliable data is essential. Dutch New Energy Research publishes four times a year the Solar Quarterly. The Dutch Solar Quarterly subscription gives a complete insight in the economic, financial, policy-related and technological developments in the Dutch solar energy market.

Each Quarterly exists out of an industry monitor, a consumer & end-user research, a political and policy-related analysis and in solar thought leaders business leaders and scientists share their opinions and predictions.

Read more about Dutch New Energy Research, the Solar Quarterly and the National Solar Trend report or contact Drs. ing. Rolf Heynen via the contact information on the website.

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