Dutch Solar Design – A new view on energising!

There is a growing need for a more sustainable environment and there is therefore a need for smart, integrated and affordable solutions. An important role is there for solar energy. The surfaces on buildings where they work and live offer a great potential. However, it is not always attractive to place solar energy there because the design of the exterior is very limited. To this end they are in an advanced stage of development of a new type of solar panel: Dutch Solar Design.

Thanks to an innovative design, the Dutch Solar Design panel can achieve any desired appearance without negating the energy output of the panel. This thanks to a smart (computer-calculated) placement of special ink. The panel makes it possible to achieve the objective of energy generation in the design of a building (for example office building) or infrastructure (for example a noise barrier) and still retain complete freedom in appearance! Think of a striking color print on an office building, a natural stone look on a house or a green look of a sound barrier that subtly changes into the landscape.
Given the challenges in realizing the product, a multidisciplinary team works with PV, façade, building and design expertise on the product. The team consists of experts within Aldowa, TS Visuals (both known for the design of the market hall in Rotterdam), ECN, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, UNStudio and Design Innovation Group.

At the expo they show all ins and outs about the Dutch Solar Design panel. You can view and hold samples yourself and discuss the possibilities with experts. By means of impressions they show projects that they want to realize with the panel in the short term. With a visit to the stand you will see how solar energy will get a different face in the coming years!

Visit ECN at booth F6 at the Innovation Area


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