E-Power Tower, the most sustainable storage!

Never has recycling of car batteries been so sustainable as now. Instead of dismantling and destroying E-Power Tower gives car batteries a second and energetic live.

The Electronics Factory is a start-up that is engaged in bringing sustainable products on the market. The Electronics Factory is a subsidiary of Expice. Next to producer Expice is also developer of electronics with a sustainable theme. Soon The Electronics Factory will bring the most sustainable energy storage on the market.

The vision of The Electronics Factory is to stimulate to make full potential of own produced energy. The consumer produces the most energy during the day. This energy is usually not fully used and is therefore being send back to the energy company. In the evening when the consumer uses the most energy the energy is being bought from the same energy company again. This energy is usually produced from polluted resources. Therefore it is important that the consumer can use their own produced energy fully in order to ensure that having for example solar panels is indeed sustainable.

Besides, The Electronics Factory wants to give car batteries a second live. The batteries that they are using are coming from electric cars and are recycled. When a battery is no longer qualified for electric cars, the battery is still appropriate to function for energy storage. This comes through the fact that the batteries of The Electronics Factory are being used less intensive (trickle charge) in comparison with the batteries in electric cars. This way the battery can last many more years and no new batteries have to be produces for storing energy. The batteries are being equipped with the self-designed Battery Management System (BMS). This allows the battery to be safe, optimal and mainly to be reliable.

Expice B.V. sees Solar Solutions Int. as a valuable partner in business in order to start a cooperation. Learning from each other and using each other’s network is one. Together you will reach more and on the fully set in motion energy transition market there will be enough questions. With each other managing transport, storage and costs. This with as well the energy supplier as user. The climate agreement is with the many contributed solutions the start signal for smart affordable applications. Working together on technical innovative solutions should be the power of working together.
The visitors of Solar Solutions Int. will get a nice image of what possibilities we have in energy storage that the consumer has produced themselves. The visitor will also see that you can live energy independent in and around the house. This is being called going “Off-Grid” and means being free!

Visit The Electronics Factory during Solar Solutions Int. at stand V5.1 on the Innovation Area.

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