The control of low voltage up to 1000 kVA

GMC Instruments has the sole representation of the A.Eberle product for many years. This manufacture concentrates on controlling the high and medium voltage. The manufacture also measures the network quality in fixed mounted- or mobile form.

In this time, with the generation of alternative energy by wind or PV systems it often happens that the mains voltage (at 400 / 230V level) is too high. In addition, it often occurs in outdoor areas that the mains voltage at the end of the cable is too low. Especially for these net problems, A.Eberle has introduced low-voltage regulators called: LVRSyS. LVRSyS stands for “Low Voltage Regulation System”. These systems are available from 22 kVA up to 1000 kVA. The systems are for indoor or outdoor use and are complete supplied with a concrete sock and cabinet.
The LVRSyS is special, because the system is capable to controlling upwards and downwards. The rule ranges are +/- 6% in steps of 1.5% to +/- 24% in steps of 6%.

In addition, A.Eberle is the only supplier on the market that controls three phases independently. This option offers great advantages in comparison with systems that control three phases simultaneously. With simultaneous controls unnecessary phases are arranged, because the voltage level of one phase is not normative for the rest of the net.

The LVRSyS has a by-pass whereby the control can be put inactive. The control speed can be selected from 30 ms to 100 s. The system does not cause flicker or higher harmonics. PQI-DA Smart modules can be placed to measure the power quality on the input and the output side. The PQI-DA Smart complies 100% with the IEC 61000-4-30 (Ed 3 – 2015) for Class A measuring instruments. The LVRSyS is robust and can handle up to 20 billion circuits. The LVRSyS short-circuit is also fixed up to 50 kA and protected against lightning strikes.

GMC Instruments has so far a number of pilots in the field with renowned energy companies. The expectation is that these systems will occur frequently in the future. Not only energy suppliers are interested, but also medium to large industries.

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