Hogeschool Inholland Alkmaar renovates with guts

Inholland University of Applied Sciences had as its motto ‘sustainability’ when renewing its location in Alkmaar. Main measures: renovation instead of new construction and a considerable reduction of the number of square meters of floor space. The building in Alkmaar of Hogeschool Inholland came from the late eighties and was in need of renewal. “We have quickly opted for renovation,” says Maarten van Mierlo, housing and real estate advisor at Inholland. “Renovating is simply more sustainable than building a new one.” The renovation lasted a year and in April 2017 the building was taken into use.

Less space
During the renovation, account was taken of the fact that the need for space was greatly reduced. Van Mierlo: “Teaching now works differently than forty years ago, which means we need fewer classrooms and different spaces.” It led to a sharp reduction of the school building: from 26,380 to 10,500 m2. “We now use the space we need and no longer, which means we have to focus less, manage less, burn less, cool, illuminate and clean.”

Hogeschool Inholland has taken a total of no less than nineteen sustainability measures during the renovation. The smaller number of square meters of floor space means the greatest savings. In addition, the heat and cold storage (ATES) installation ensures the largest reduction in energy consumption. For the WKO, water from 50 to 150 meters depth is pumped under the school and led through the floor heating.
Stimulation Sustainable Energy Production (SDE +)

The university has concluded an Energy Efficiency Covenant (MJA3 covenant). The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) supports the university of applied sciences in its MJA3 covenant. For the construction of solar panels, Hogeschool Inholland made use of the Sustainable Energy Production Stimulation scheme (SDE +). RVO.nl supported questions and referred to the right counter for subsidies and schemes.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) stimulates the Netherlands with sustainable, agricultural, innovative and international entrepreneurship. With subsidies, finding business partners, knowledge and compliance with laws and regulations.

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