Interview Van der Valk Solar Systems

Van der Valk Solar Systems, present as exhibitor at Solar Solutions Int., focuses entirely on the development and production of solar mounting systems for sloping roofs, flat roofs and open fields. Van der Valk Solar Systems also has a branch office and warehouse in the UK and is currently active in nine countries.

What drives you?

‘Innovation is our passion. Innovating is an ongoing process in our product development, but also in our business operations in general. By looking ahead and anticipating, we keep our strength and we can offer customers something more than they expect.’

What is your vision for the future?

‘In the upcoming years, there will be a strong focus on growth with existing customers in the Netherlands and further internationalization. Cooperation and trust are essential in this. Reliable partnership, where both customer and supplier enter into a commitment, is increasingly becoming a decisive factor for success.’

How do you make innovation in the solar sector possible?

‘By constantly talking with the customer, we can learn and invest. Developing new products or software that make assembly, calculation or order picking easier for the customer. In addition, through training and webinars we try to get distributors and installers to talk about new possibilities.’

Why should customers be happy with your solar mounting systems?

‘On the one hand, customers really have to have the confidence that systems will stay on the roof under all weather conditions and meet the applicable standards for each country. In addition, customers must be able to trust that they can build on us for fast and error-free deliveries, but also for (project) support, training and customized service.’

What role does Solar Solutions Int play. in here?

‘Solar Solutions International fits perfectly in our vision to bring parties together. On Solar Solutions Int. we come into contact with our customers and installers. We can inform them about our latest product developments and also show them live. We can inspire people and exchange thoughts with them about the best solar solutions for different situations.’

Why have you been participating in Solar Solutions Int for years?

‘Solar Solutions Int. is really the ‘place to be’ when it comes to trade fairs. No other trade fair in the Netherlands is specifically aimed at this solar sector. This also means that the quality of the visitors is high for us. We take more stand staff with us every year, but we still run short of time.’

What can the visitor expect from you at the fair?

Solar Solutions Int. is often the place for us to launch new innovations. That will also be the case this year. These innovations stem from a demand from the market and will please both the distributor and the installer. In addition to developments in the area of ​​cable management, we will launch the ‘ValkPro + portrait 10 degrees’ and the ‘ValkPro + landscape 15 degrees’. Due to the enormous scaling up of our production capacity, we can now also supply these systems from Q2-2019.’

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