KWx ‘Zeker Meten’ concept measures E and PV installations

KWx B.V. is a knowledge partner and supplier of measuring instruments for electrotechnical inspections and non-destructive research. As ambassadors of safe and secure measurement, KWx continuously looks for new products and solutions in the market. Supported by workshops and KWx calibration and repair lab you are sure of sufficient support before, during and after the inspections.

The number of solar power plants will increase again this year. Unfortunately, KWx simultaneously notices an increase in the number of (roof) fires caused by solar panels. Experts raise the alarm about the generally poor quality of the PV plant, which in many cases does not meet the requirements in accordance with NEN 1010: the standard for the installation of safe low-voltage installations.

As an installer you are obliged to carry out visual and (electrical) technical inspection after the delivery or modification of electrical installations. However, there is a lot of uncertainty about the method to be followed, the necessary measurements, preparation, safety and periodic checks.

The test and measuring instruments from KWx are in line with the ‘Zeker Meten’ concept for the inspection of electrical installations and the inspection of electrical work equipment. With these instruments you can carry out inspections quickly and accurately in accordance with the standards NEN 1010 and NEN 3140, applicable in the Netherlands.
The laws and regulations concerning electrical installations are also developing rapidly. Change standards, improve techniques and broaden applications. These changes ensure that installers, electricians, panel builders and inspectors use their measuring instruments differently.
The practical workshops and knowledge sessions of KWx respond to these changes. In one session, KWx talks to you about the current standard, new techniques, measuring instruments, software and other developments.

PV systems are a relatively new field. Solar panels and inverters are installed and connected to the electrical installation from various disciplines. However, the question is whether the necessary measures have been taken to ensure electrical safety and efficiency.
Especially for PV installations, there is a need for a first and periodic inspection to monitor the costly investment. Handy for your own liability, but also as a starting point for periodic maintenance.

Solar Solutions Int. is the event to get acquainted with KWx’s ‘Zeker Meten’ concept and the latest installation testers, Power Quality analyzers and thermal imagers for inspection of solar installations.
By measuring, analyzing and documenting you gain insight into the condition of electrical installations. In this way you can provide insight into efficiency losses and fire risks of PV installations. During the Solar Solutions Int. exhibition we offer you a quick insight through all the steps of the mandatory NEN 1010 inspection.

You can visit KWx during Solar Solutions at booth B15.

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