Launch Profloating with Wattco NL as the driving force at Solar Solutions

Floating energy and sustainability projects are rapidly gaining in popularity. More than two-thirds of the earth’s surface consists of water. The Netherlands has a water surface of no less than 18%. This offers massive opportunities for achieving climate objectives. Profloating is a new, 100% Dutch company that responds to this objective. By working smartly with all market parties, Profloating wants to make our environment quickly become more sustainable.

Wattco NL has been known since 2007 as a full service partner for smart energy. Thanks to the innovative approach, Wattco has been able to quickly develop into a specialist in providing tailor-made projects in the field of sustainable electricity (electricity) at home and abroad. At the start, Wattco focused mainly on land-related energy projects, nowadays an important part is also concentrated on floating energy and sustainability projects. Wattco NL helps organizations meet the government’s requirements for sustainability.

The increasingly prominent role for water-related projects requires a specialist who can fully concentrate on this. Profloating is the first Dutch company that offers floating solutions in such a comprehensive way. What makes the company especially special is that Profloating not only realizes, but also wants to inspire governments and companies and wants to facilitate their sustainable ideas. Wattco NL contributes to this with project engineering, electricity connection, license applications and risk management.

The innovative power of Profloating is not only in the smart realization of high-quality regular floating solar panels for sustainable energy generation. The power is also in the use of promotional floating solar installations in the form of company names or logos and many other creative applications. Think for example of energy-generating floating art forms, mussel farms, fish farming, evaporation source protection and green areas.

Profloating is open to any ‘brain wave’ that comes to the fore in governments and companies and, partly due to the solar floating expertise of Wattco NL, has the qualities to make it a sustainable success. Profloating and Wattco NL, for example, help progressive organizations not only to meet climate objectives, but also actively contribute to the image of clients and help generate renewable energy (electricity) to make relations more independent of the energy network.

Visit Profloating at stand G7 on Green Heating.

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