MORRENsolar, solar constructions from design to realization

Solar panels on the roof
A sustainable roof, that is something that everybody wants. Even when you park your car in shadow, you can still generate energy.

From design to realization
MORRENsolar makes the designs for constructions with integrated solar panels and develops and realizes them, from design and building permits up to and including the complete total delivery. With this, you as a customer are completely unburdened. With our own design and sales facility, our distinctive constructions are designed and built, which are both functional and aesthetic. Possibly, together with an architect there can be looked at what fits within the environment.

Energy-positive, dry and in the shade, from small to large
The system is attached to or in the ground or onto existing buildings. The construction is custom-made in the factory, suitable for the particular situation. The color can also be chosen. A frequently chosen method is powder coating, but a hot dip galvanisation is also possible. The constructions that are common are:
– Small roofs such as carports
– Large roofs, such as solar car parks
– Bicycle parking
– Specials, such as solar trees or autonomous set-ups

Advice and information
We would like to meet you at booth A10 to further inform you. Where we can show you what the possibilities and developments are for your company.

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