Discover GPC Europe and the Panasonic HIT® KURO FullBlack solar panel at Solar Solutions

Grid Parity Concepts Europe bvba, in short GPC Europe, is a Belgian wholesaler in Solar and Storage Solutions. Since 2005, GPC Europe has provided technical firms and installers with a complete range of qualitative photovoltaic products. The vision of GPC Europe is making green energy solutions accessible to everyone in order to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

At Solar Solutions you will discover together with the employees of GPC Europe the extensive product range of solar panels and (micro) inverters. You will see the new Panasonic HIT® KURO FullBlack solar panel and the new Enphase microinverters IQ7 and IQ7 + live.
The Panasonic Hit Kuro is a completely black PV module equipped with anti-reflective glass, available in 325Wp. With an impressive max. efficiency of 19.4%, this panel is an optimal choice for most residential roofs, with an extremely attractive design. Not only the cells and the backsheet, but also the frame is completely black. Thanks to the low temperature coefficient of only -0.258% / ° C, homeowners who purchase the HIT® KURO have maximum energy efficiency. Even at high outside temperatures, the HIT® solar cell retains a higher efficiency than a conventional crystalline silicon solar cell. This is particularly important in the case of completely black modules because they absorb more heat. In the summer period, when most electricity is generated, the HIT® KURO offers the best performance in its class.

Visit GPC Europe at stand B9 and discover what GPC Europe can do for you for your current and future projects.


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