More than 4 million new solar panels in 2018 lead to problems

More than 4 million solar panels have been installed in the Netherlands in 2018, according to the National Solar Trend Report 2019, published by Dutch New Energy Research. As a result, the Dutch solar energy sector is growing twice as fast as the global average.

Approximately 5,000 containers with solar panels have been installed in one year. Most of the panels are installed in the commercial sector, on company roofs and in solar parks.

The rapid growth in the number of large solar parks leads to grid problems in some areas.
“Solar energy is hard to forecast for grid operators,” says Rolf Heynen, director of Dutch New Energy Research. “A wind farm is planned up to ten years ahead, while a solar park can be realized within a year. In addition, grid operators, like the installation sector, also have to cope with a shortage of personnel. “As a result, the rapid growth of solar energy, an essential part of the Climate Agreement, might be jeopardized.

Discussions between the sector and Dutch New Energy Research reveals that some project developers blame grid operators for failing to comply with their agreements, resulting in high costs. However, they do not always dare to appeal against it, because they are afraid that future projects might be penalized.

“The Dutch solar market is growing fast, but is lagging far behind internationally. The problems that we face today, were relevant ten years ago in Germany and we should to learn from that. Due to increasing tensions in the market, we are setting up a meeting between the Dutch grid operators and the solar sector on 30 January “, says Heynen.

The Dutch Solar Trend Report 2019 will be published at the Solar Business Day, 30th January 2019.

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