UNETO-VNI has a new name from now on: Techniek Nederland

UNETO-VNI has a new name from now on: Techniek Nederland (Technology Netherlands). The association for entrepreneurs in the installation sector and the technical retail trade enters the new name on 15 January 2019.

Indispensable sector

Doekle Terpstra, chairman of UNETO-VNI: ‘It starts with technology. Technology makes our country cleaner, safer and stronger. Our sector is indispensable for the energy transition that we have agreed in the Climate Agreement. But also for solving other major social issues, such as mobility, living independently for longer, urbanization and increasing complexity of our infrastructure. The social relevance will therefore only grow in the coming years. Such a sector deserves a crystal-clear name with a recognizable sound. That is why we are now called Techniek Nederland.’

Clear profile

Techniek Nederland will represent the interests of the members and of the sector as a whole stronger than ever, at both regional and national level. Terpstra: ‘Our profile becomes clearer, both to politics and government and to the organizations with which we work. Techniek Nederland is from January 2019 the point of contact for technology. That way we get more done for the benefit of our members. ‘

Emphasis on quality

Techniek Nederland is not only the name of the new association, but also a brand name that installation companies will use towards consumers and business clients. Terpstra: ‘For technical challenges you have to be with our members. We underline that with this new name. At the same time, we place even more emphasis on the quality of the work delivered. With this, the members of Techniek Nederland distinguish themselves from the rest of the market. ‘

Director of complex engineering projects

The engineering sector is taking an increasingly stronger position within the built environment, industry and infrastructure. The name Techniek Nederland marks that development. Terpstra: ‘Our members are technical experts and develop into service providers in a wide field. They not only install technical systems, but also manage complex technical projects, from design and placement to management and maintenance. Techniek Nederland will emphasize and strengthen this role in the coming years. ‘

Logo and house style

Today the name Techniek Nederland is being presented and the association presents a new logo and a new house style. Take a look at the new Dutch website of Techniek Nederland or watch their video

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