Permits for ground mounted solar parks: our specialisation, one less problem for you to solve.

Who are we:
Bosch & van Rijn is a consultancy agency in renewable energy and spatial issues. We have over 20 years of experience in wind- and solar projects. Our specialism is: permits, location choice, policy development, (financial) participation and environment communication. Our team of 13 experts is working in assignment of market parties and governments, which ensures we have good knowledge of different insights.

Future developments:
The large ground mounted solar energy projects is growing very fast: the prices for panels are low, financing is cheap and the SDE-basic amount is attractive. It is therefore no miracle that many market parties, cooperatives, landowners and other initiators are looking for a suitable location for developing solar projects. There is a lot that goes in to this: think about technical, spacious and policy analysis and deliberation and cooperation with municipality, local residents, nature organisations and other people involved.

All the propositions will eventually end up at one of the 388 Dutch municipalities. They are standing for a difficult choice: which project or proposal suits best with our municipality, with our planning policy? How does the proposal relate to the regional Energy Strategy (RES) and the provincial policy? What is a good land use planning? Should we develop a policy first before we make a decision on specific location based projects? Can we ask for additional conditions to initiators, for example concerning landscape integration and participation? What is the situation with the (financial) participation by local residents and cooperatives?

Project developers, energy companies and other initiators of solar parks are facing the challenge to ensure that their project will have the preference. How do we ensure local involvement, social acceptance and political support and what is an optimal way to work together with stakeholders. What is the best way to consult with the municipality; with the alderman, the civil servants and with the council groups? What is the procedure for a permit? What will raise the chance on success? And how do we keep the pace, because each year the SDE is lower!

Solar Solutions successful:
Last year we have spoken to many new clients and partners at the Solar Solutions trade fair. The conversations at our stand where the beginning of great new projects, for which we are arranging permits as we speak. In the meantime we are working on more than 1.000 MW of solar energy.

Are you looking for a specialist in permits and do you need support and advice for the realisation of your ground mounted solar park? At our trade fair stand we will already give you the first valuable tips and advices. During the Solar Solutions SDE+ seminar on Wednesday the 20th of March our permit expert Wouter Verweij will give an expert presentation: “Ground mounted solar parks: permits, spatial substantiating and procedures.

You can find us at stand A18 and via Or send an email to

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