Solar energy projects are Smart Energy Management projects

Solar energy is no longer a stand-alone solution. The installer / solarteur is no longer only expected to install, but also advises and offers the best solution for situations such as NOM homes or ‘all electric’ neighborhoods.

Handling energy differently
The energy transition is in full swing, so there are challenging objectives for example in the field of energy neutral construction. The energy landscape is also changing drastically, the physical and digital world are now coming together. If we want to get the climate agreement in the Netherlands, we must reduce the use of fossil fuels and start using smart solutions. An important pillar in this is the energy use of our homes and buildings. Municipal authorities are now also committed to this. For example, Delft and Ghent have set themselves the goal of not having C02 emissions from fossil sources in urban areas by 2050.

Many laws and regulations also change. From 1 January 2021, new buildings must be almost energy-neutral (BENG). The tightening ensures that more emphasis will be placed on minimizing the use of fossil energy and maximizing the generation of renewable energy. In addition to the obligation in 2021, there is a requirement to make government buildings BENG in 2019: after all, the government must set a good example.

Deploying on insight and connectivity
Dealing well with the changing energy requirements is one of the most important tasks of the future for ABB. They create the energy-neutral smart homes and buildings of the future according to ABB only by linking systems and having insight into energy consumption. Our goal is therefore to optimally bundle home and building automation and energy management; maximum energy efficiency can only be achieved by using maximum connectivity. Why? They believe that smart energy-saving solutions coupled with insight and comfort lead to adapted behavior.

One integrated system for Smart Homes; all electric, all connected
At Solar Solutions 2018, therefore, they also show SEM in addition to all of our inverters. SEM is a Smart Energy Management module. SEM monitors energy flows within a Smart Home so that use becomes clear and can be adjusted. SEM is connected to an inverter.
As a result, it is clear per house how much solar energy is generated and whether the NOM objectives are met. SEM transfers the information about solar energy, home consumption and battery status over the wireless network to the cloud and a device. In this way residents have insight into all data. This module can also be connected to the REACT solar inverter / battery storage. If desired, a charging station for electric transport can also be part of this. With this they create a ‘vehicle to grid’ system. SEM is part of ABB’s uniform, multidisciplinary digital approach ABB Ability ™, which aims to use data to the maximum and thereby let customers know more and operate better.

Link with home automation system
Another option is to always keep home consumption and solar energy production under control through a uniform user interface (ABB-free @ home®). This avoids consumption peaks by spreading the electricity tax and keeping the use within the capacity of the produced energy. This provides an optimally coupled home system in which energy insight and comfort go hand in hand.
About ABB
ABB’s solutions form the core of the critical infrastructure of houses, buildings and cities. From the supply of electricity, water and heat, to the automation of the offices and factories in which we work. ABB has been driven for 125 years by making the world safer, more sustainable, more productive and more efficient. They do this through technological developments and innovations. They offer a wide range of products and solutions for connecting, protecting, controlling and measuring:
• electrical systems
• energy distributors
• inverters
• electronics
• electromechanical devices
• machines

Visit ABB at stand B21.1 and discover the completely renewed inverter portfolio. This shows the REACT 2 (Inverter & Battery storage) and the UNO-DM-PLUS. But also how you can get even more out of this with our Energy Efficiency system SEM for NOM homes and the connection of inverters to our home control system Free @ Home. After all, the future is all connected!

In addition, there is a very interesting introductory campaign. Come and join them at the stand.

Let’s write the future. Together.


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