Solar panels run overtime: Solar has generated its highest yield ever

A NEW RECORD |On the Dutch roofs, a record is likely to be recorded today. Thanks to the exuberantly shining summer sun, solar panels generate more power on the longest day of the year than three gas-fired power plants.


“A breakthrough,” says Lucien Wiegers of Eneco. “The bright sun and long days provide maximum yield this month. Over the past year the share of sun, in total of the energy generation in the Netherlands, has increased by 30 percent. It’s going really well with solar power in the Netherlands. ”

If the weather forecast is correct and clouds do not counteract, the daytime output of solar power reaches a new height today. This is not due to the tropical temperature or the great sun-power. “The amount of UV radiation has no effect on the energy generating panels,” explains Wiegers, Director of Eneco Energy Trading Floor, “But the amount of sun hours does.” And that reaches its maximum when the sun shines bright on the longest day of the year.


”The bright sun and long days provide a maximum yield this month. This is really positive for the dutch solar branche.” – Lucien Wiegers, Director of Energy Trading Floor Eneco

Coal plants

The record yield of solar energy does not mean that a few gas or coal plants are closing today. “It’s not going thát fast,” a spokesperson for high-voltage network operator TenneT explains. “In Northern Europe, much more wind energy is produced than solar energy. As a result, the electricity price rate drops especially when the wind is blowing hard. Energy producers let their coal plants run slower or even put it out. When the electricity price is relatively high, they are slowing down their coal plants a little further. ”

On a hot day like today, about 10 percent more energy is consumed than usual. This is due to the blowing air conditioning running in offices.


In the Netherlands, however, this energy peak is now largely absorbed by solar energy, according to data from the energy trading floor of Eneco.


“In Northern Europe, much more wind energy is produced than solar energy. As a result, the electricity price rate drops, especially when the wind blows. ”

– Johanna Breuning, spokesman high-voltage network operator TenneT

Running meter

Over a year, a lot of sustainable solar energy has been added in the Netherlands in relation to gas plants, concludes Eneco “Solar parks and panels on corporate roofs contribute to this conclusion. But this growth is mainly due to households that have solar panels installed on their own family-roof. ”

Families with a lot of solar panels can see electricity bill decreasing smoothly, as long as they do not turn on their air-conditioning on a regular basis. Financially they have had a very good spring, according to information center MilieuCentraal. “May and June were excellent months.”

Moreover, in the Netherlands, we cannot yet generate all the energy we consume from renewable sources. “Sun and wind are not always there,” says Wiegers of Eneco. “Therefore, we still need fossil energy.” “With batteries like the Tesla Powerwall, you can save solar and wind energy. These batteries are still very expensive, but Wiegers expects the price – like solar panels – to fall sharply in the long term. “And then the energy transition will run itself. We are now at the beginning.

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