Solar panels Smart connected

Solar panels are individually connected to the internet via the LoRaWan network. By using the Fenpro sensors in the Etepro smart connected system, solar panels are easier to control the functionality. In addition, the sensors are completely wireless.

An installation is only 100% if all the solar panels are properly installed. If one panel is installed less well or if the panels are dirty, the installation will not function very well. These problems result in a lower yield.

By using the Fenpro sensors, each solar panel can be monitored separately and compared with other solar panels (benchmarking) via algorithm. With these sensors you can see if the panel is defective or dirty. The Fenpro sensors can monitor specifically and use this information immediately to perform specific maintenance. This provides continuity in your solar panel installation and saves time in searching for faults. By using the system you do not only save money on maintenance, but your installation is guaranteed to generate more energy (and therefore more yield).

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