FuturaSun SILK Modules – the advantages of 12 busbars

FuturaSun was established in 2008 in Padua, Northern Italy. Our company is specialised in the manufacture of high-performance FV panels. The guaranteed quality of products, with prestigious certifications, makes FuturaSun a unique Italian company, strongly oriented towards foreign market. FuturaSun operates in more than 40 countries, its plants ensure a increasing production capacity of 300 MW/year.

“Anticipate tomorrow” is the slogan of FuturaSun: a company which strongly believes in a sustainable future, without the use of fossil fuels. Tomorrow is already here. Thanks to the falling cost of photovoltaic energy, absolutely the lowest compared to all other sources, FV panels are becoming a commodity.
Precisely for this reason the market challenge will increasingly be on product quality, energy performance and production capacity.
FuturaSun aims to be able to produce the best performing PV panels using the most innovative technology. We decided to undertake the road of quality and technical excellence of our products, designed to cover extreme needs in terms of resistance to aggressive environments, adverse conditions, heavy stresses, with performance and yield at the highest levels. This is why FuturaSun products are among the most certified in the world, according to the most rigorous international standards. To follow the technological evolution of the sector, the secret of FuturaSun is the extensive research and development program of its technical team, based at the company’s headquarters in Padua. For some time now we have been working on the engineering of our production with the design of a new stringer machine specifically studied to enhance the performance of 12-busbar photovoltaic modules and to reduce the risk of microcracks and hotspots. This is innovative technology which is already taking us into the future.

FuturaSun is present in almost all European countries through its own sales network, consisting of both electrical goods distributors and photovoltaic specialists. By participating in Solar Solutions, we want to make FuturaSun modules more widely known and appreciated in the Netherlands and, more generally, in Northern Europe, where quality has always been a carefully evaluated parameter. We believe we can further expand our presence on the market with new local distributors who are able to help us to get the product to take root and seize opportunities for commercial development.

FuturaSun presents a new generation of high efficiency modules with 12 busbars: the new SILK series with polycrystalline cells (280-290 Wp) and with monocrystalline cells (300-310 Wp). The monocrystalline panel is also available in All Black for special architectural requirements.
Thanks to the 12-Busbar-Technology there is less shaded area on the cell. Moreover the round ribbon reduces the reflected light and increases the current.
The combination of the raw material and the special soldering process benefit the solar cell with less mechanical stress, which translates in lower risk of hot spot and micro cracks and a longer durability of the module.

Visit during Solar Solutions Futurasun at location V7.1.

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