No reasons to say no to a photovoltaic system

Trienergia is an Italian company, producing PV modules 100% Made in Italy, using the most promising MWT Backcontact Mono Perc technology. Trienergia is the only producer to make triangular modules that can perfectly cover triangular and trapezoidal roofs, thus improving up to 25% the installed power on the roof.

We really think that Renewable Energy Sources are the only solution to produce energy in the future. Solar Energy in particular, is the most promising so we invested a lot to have the most technologically advanced PV modules production line. We pay attention both to quality and design. There are often rectangular/trapezoidal roofs that make it very difficult to install a photovoltaic system either because of limited installed power or because of an aesthetically bad result. With Trienergia System there are no more reasons to say no to a photovoltaic system! With the combination of triangular modules (21 cells) and rectangular ones (42 cells) you can cover any roof with an aesthetically perfect solution. We want to give a good reason for the people to be happy to produce their own energy, respecting our world and our future.

SolarSolutions is a very interesting event because it is dedicated to Benelux market. A market that asks for high quality products, prefers the aesthetically advanced full black solution and has triangular house roofs as standard! Trienergia, through SolarSolutions, can play a key role in this market, because we have the ideal products for it: Highest Quality MWT BackContact Full Black triangular and rectangular modules to completely cover any triangular roof and create an aesthetically perfect solution as well as install up to 25% more pv modules compared to the standard size modules.

We will present our full black panels in 3 different types (60 cells – 42 cells – 21 cells triangular) that can perfectly fit to almost any possible roof shape.

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